• Grocery store

The Urban Village

A hierarchy of distinct precincts or character zones flow off and around the High Street central village spine, creating a true city neighbourhood that encapsulates the best attributes of the Auckland lifestyle.

The ground level will be animated and activated with large-scale retail anchors, lively shops and cafés, with some commercial offices above.

  • Masterplan street shot

East Gate

The East Gate precinct is Alexandra Park’s green front door with its pedestrian-oriented boulevard framed by tall palms, signature mixed-use buildings and an active street life.

A central linear urban park and plaza, grocer and café culture blend inviting public spaces with everyday convenience, marking an impressive gateway into the neighbourhood.

This is the residential offering of Stage 1.

  • masterplan apartment buildings

High Street

At the heart of Alexandra Park, High Street forms the central village spine connecting the entire precinct’s squares, plazas, gardens and parks into a cohesive network.

Open-air dining, wide footpaths and fine-grain retail are punctuated by intimate courtyards that open view lines and enrich the pedestrian experience with protected outdoor cafés, fountains, vines, trees and lush planting.

  • Masterplan laneways

One Tree Hill Plaza

A wonderful water fountain marks a special meeting point where High Street intersects with One Tree Hill Plaza.

This active landscaped heart provides places for people-watching and mingling with café edges, seating and public art while also opening up superb vistas towards One Tree Hill.

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