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The Destination

A truly inspiring shopping experience, offering an array of specialty stores and boutiques.

On-trend merchants, businesses and precinct-wide leisure foster a vibrant, diverse and sophisticated atmosphere with broad appeal for residents, workers, shoppers and visitors alike.

This is where fashion, food, culture and lifestyle converge, blending best-in-fresh stores, innovative dining and fine-grain laneway shopping.

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The Taste

Auckland’s vibrant new hub for food, entertainment and celebration.

Alexandra Park will bring experiences like nowhere else in the city. Both playground and home, this is where Aucklanders can live, socialise and relax in a gorgeous landmark setting.

Centred on its own High Street and vibrant town square life, it promises an inviting mix of the simple, the delicious, the sensational and the stylish.

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The Life Balance

A place where work and leisure merge seamlessly.

Wander through Alexandra Park’s promenades and lanes and you’ll enjoy intimate, energetic and engaging experiences. It will exude a spirit and vitality all of its own. A village that hums throughout the day, its exhilarating mix of places, faces, architecture and events will firmly and quickly position this exciting precinct on the Auckland map. Busy kitchens deliver signature dishes. Innovative providores offer culinary inspiration. Civic gatherings, entertainment, shade trees, lively squares and open spaces bring a kaleidoscope of public art, culture and activity across the expansive precinct.

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The Landscape

Abundant parks and communal open spaces encourage social interaction.

Pedal your way along the cycleways. Grab an espresso or icecream on the promenades. Catch your breath on a park bench or mingle with people out and about.

A place to meet, socialize, do business, dine and shop, Alexandra Park will be a lively urban village and a home that goes beyond your front door.

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